The House of Wisdom New Zealand (Ngôi Nhà Trí Tuệ New Zealand)

This is the official Facebook group for The House of Wisdom New Zealand (Ngôi Nhà Trí Tuệ New Zealand), a member of The House of Wisdom Network, operating in two languages English and Vietnamese. The House of Wisdom network is a charitable activities model focusing in the field of education, focusing on creating, maintaining and developing completely free lifelong learning communities.
1. Be a connecting hub for Vietnamese oversea children to local kids in Vietnam as well as philanthropists, sociologist, psychiatrist, and mentors in the areas of education, mental health, well-being, and children rights.
2. Be a supporting hub for children with activities such as
– Donation of education equipment and information (books, clothes, devices, scholarship information,…etc.), through connections with schools, libraries, universities,…etc.
– Provide education advices and training including career advice, CV preparation skills, soft skills such as presentation and public speaking,…etc. through Zoom.
3. Be a motivational hub, where we support children dreams, share successful stories and heal children vulnerabilities. Our dominant activity is the Angels Lift program, a peer-to-peer mentorship program where one Vietnamese student oversea and another local student in Vietnam will connect, mentor, and exchange knowledges each other for one year.
4. Operate with a philanthropy mindset, based on the 3C “Consistence, Competence, Compassion” and the 3L “Lifelong Learning” principles.

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